CRLA Summer Institute


Keira Hambrick

Keira Hambrick has devoted her career to student success, equity, and access in higher education. She has nearly 15 years of experience as a college tutor, writing instructor, and academic editor. In her previous role as the Assistant Director of Tutoring Services for Marietta College, Keira founded and directed an all-subject Tutoring & Learning Center and Embedded Tutoring program in addition to the established Writing Center, and was instrumental in attaining CRLA ITTPC Levels I and II certification for the tutoring program. She is an ATP-certified Master Tutor Trainer, an NCLCA-certified Level 3 Learning Center Professional, and a volunteer CRLA ITTPC reviewer. She is currently pursuing her English PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy at The Ohio State University.

Ashley Lewis

Ashley Lewis has over 17 years of experience in higher education with a background in diverse populations, student retention and leadership. Currently, she works as the Director of Student Diversity at the University of West Georgia and the IMTPC Assistant Coordinator. In her role, she oversees several mentor training programs/certification, establishes and monitors early intervention and retention strategies for diverse populations.

Shawn O'Neil

Shawn O'Neil is the Assistant Director for Academic Skills with the Tutoring and Academic Skills Program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he supports students in learning how to learn and how to manage their time and priorities. He has been involved in CRLA's International Tutor Training Program Certification at almost every level — as a tutor, tutor-trainer, tutor coordinator, and ITTPC reviewer, and ITTPC associate coordinator for the last two years. Currently he is serving as the ITTPC Coordinator. He is also the former CRLA Mid-South regional director. He has Masters degree in Education and is working on a second Masters degree in Training and Development from North Carolina State University.

Michael Saenz

Michael Saenz has been in higher education instruction, student development, and student retention for over ten years and currently work as an Assistant Director in the Student Success Center at the University of Texas at Dallas. In this capacity, he oversees peer tutor and mentor training and certification, including the Peer-Led Team Learning program, Supplemental Instruction, Peer Tutoring, Academic Success Coaching, Writing and Communication Lab, and Financial Literacy Peer Coaching program. He also works as a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies and serves on the CRLA Leadership Team as the IMTPC Coordinator and IMTPC Application Review Team.