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The CRLA board is watching with great interest as legislative battles over learning assistance take place around the country. California Bill AB 1935 is an active bill pending referral which should be of great interest to us.

Please consider sharing this information with your own representatives and other interested parties. The CRLA Board provides this information to you as a tool, and encourages you to become more active in the legislative arena.

Thank you for your support of learning assistance!


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California AB 1935
June 2018

CRLA (formerly WCRLA) is a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level. CRLA is inherently diverse in membership. CRLA’s most vital function and overall purpose is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas, methods, and information to improve student learning and to facilitate the professional growth of its members.

CRLA has long supported supervised tutoring in a wide variety of areas in postsecondary education. Pursuant to the consideration of current bill CA AB 1935, which proposes to apportion funding for tutoring to classes that include basic skills, degree-applicable courses, and transfer level courses, CRLA is in favor of such legislation that helps students in a variety of circumstances, and the association encourages educators and lawmakers to maintain or when appropriate expand the principles of inclusivity that are listed in subdivision (a) of the proposed bill.

CRLA certifies tutoring programs, and maintains standards for the professionalization of tutoring, and believes that learners have a fundamental right to such tools to aid in their academic success. Among these, is the right to have “access to support services and/or learning resources (i.e., workshops and tutoring) that support learning and build confidence in ways accessible to them” ( Funding for such programs should reflect the diversity of learner needs, variety of programs offered at the community college level, and the empirically proven track-record that such learning supports have in academia.

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Jack Trammell, Ph.D.
CRLA Past President


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