Managing the ITTPC team of reviewers and the certification process is an excellent way to use your experience to give back to the CRLA organization! The ITTPC Coordinator works collaboratively and closely with the Certifications Director, the ITTPC Associate/Assistant Coordinator, and the team of reviewers to manage the multi-faceted ITTPC program and reviewing process.


The ITTPC Coordinator is responsible for management of all aspects of the ITTPC program The appointee is expected to have served on the ITTPC Committee. The ITTPC Coordinator coordinates the work of the ITTPC Associate Coordinator.

The term of office is three years and may be renewed.

Minimum Qualifications        

  1. Must be a CRLA member and must maintain membership throughout officer term.
  2. Must be a Level 3 certified program reviewer.
  3. Must have served on the ITTPC Committee.
  4. Must have the following technological skills:
    • A basic understanding of mail server design and use. 
    • A basic understanding of Access database use for sorting records, editing records, adding records, and running reports—i.e., exporting records to a spreadsheet.
    • Understanding and experience with web page design, maintenance, and managing an educational website.
    • A basic understanding of using and applying Excel spreadsheets for reporting checks received noting the dates, check numbers institution, program, etc.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. With the assistance of the Associate Coordinator, prepares the ITTPC Annual Report for the Board, including list of certified programs, and submits the report to the Certifications Director by September 1 annually.
  2. Maintains current membership in CRLA throughout term of office.
  3. Works with the Certifications Director one year before end of term to identify and mentor a successor.
  4. Contacts Certifications Director with any suggested changes to job description during term.
  5. Upon approval of appointment by the Board, serves a three-year term, beginning at the completion of the annual CRLA conference. 
  6. Publicizes the program and responds to requests for information.
  7. In collaboration with the Website Committee, maintains content of ITTPC pages on the CRLA website.
  8. In collaboration with the management company, coordinates application dissemination, review, and acceptance/denial with the CRLA management company. Makes suggestions for changes regarding work flow and application processes.
  9. Responsible for the ITTPC-certified programs that seek certification renewal and re-certification, and takes responsibility for performing or delegating the following:
  10. Acting as the overall reviewer of these renewed/re-certified programs unless there is a question
    • Referring such programs to ITTPC reviewers for further evaluation
  11. Conducts the Committee meeting at the Annual Conference.
  12. Receives suggested changes to certification criteria, coordinates discussion of changes among reviewers, and submits proposed changes to the President for CRLA Board approval.

General Responsibilities

  1. With the assistance of the Associate Coordinators, prepares the ITTPC Annual Report for the Board, including list of certified programs, and submit the report to the Certifications Director annually by August 1st.
  2. Attend annual conference (or notifies President with name of alternate as soon as possible if unable to attend).
  3. Submit a projected budget to the Treasurer prior to December 15th annually. This budget needs to allocate requested funds between the Coordinator and the Associate Coordinators.
  4. Work with the Board one year before end of term to identify and mentor a successor.
    • Contacts Certification Director with any suggested changes to job description during term and updates this job description at end of term including updates for the Associate Coordinators

Reimbursement for non-board members (updated May 2015)
The CRLA Executive Board establishes a travel funding policy for CRLA leaders who are not members of the Board but may be required to perform some of their responsibilities at the annual CRLA conference. Funding requests will be funded by the Board up to $1200 depending on the total award amount available each year. The Leader Travel Request Form should be submitted in writing to the President of CRLA by June 15 to be considered for that year’s conference. Proposals will be evaluated by the Board on the basis of benefit to the Association and the members of CRLA, the extent to which they demonstrate CRLA’s Mission and Guiding Principles, and on a “funds available” basis. Proposals should include an explanation of the reasons for the request, the purpose of travel, benefits to CRLA, and an itemized list of expenses. For additional information, please see the “Travel Funding Policy for Committee Chairs, Coordinators, and Other Leaders” and Leader Travel Request Form available on the CRLA website at Leadership/Leader Forms/ Committee Chairs and Coordinators.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, email, school address, and school phone number.

To apply for a position, submit a letter of application addressing your willingness and ability to meet the requirements of the position, a vita or brief listing of qualifications, and a letter of institutional support. If institutional support is not required, please state such in the letter of application. Submit your application to the current CRLA President by email.

(Revised August 2005; December 2008; September 2009; November 2016)