The 2019 CRLA Election voting period opens February 18, 2019 and closes on March 3, 2019 at 11:59 pm. All current CRLA members will receive an electronic ballot via email on February 18. Please review the following information before voting.


Candidate for President-Elect

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 Sonya Armstrong

Sonya L. Armstrong is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Program in Developmental Education within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas State University, where she also serves as the Director of the Doctoral Program. Prior to coming to Texas State, Sonya worked at Northern Illinois University for nine years, serving in multiple capacities: as Associate Professor of Postsecondary Literacy, as founder and coordinator of the Certificate of Graduate Study in Postsecondary Developmental Literacy and Language Instruction, and as Director of the College Learning Enhancement Program (the university’s developmental reading program). Sonya earned a doctorate in literacy education from the University of Cincinnati and also holds two M.A. degrees in English (one in literature and one in editing and publishing). Over the years, she has served as a practitioner in first-year and developmental education contexts at community colleges and universities, including teaching developmental reading, composition and basic writing, and learning strategies courses. Recently, Sonya was inducted as a CLADEA Fellow. 

In attempt to give back to an organization that has given so much, Sonya has served CRLA in two national-level leadership positions: first as Associate Editor of the Journal of College Reading and Learning and later as Publications Director. In addition she has served as chair and later co-chair of the Research and Evaluation SIG, sat on the elections committee, and now serves on JCRL’s editorial review board.

Goal Statement:

If elected, I recommend three specific foci for CRLA’s near future.

First, we in the fields associated with college reading and learning are faced with uncertainty and doubts, from both within and beyond our fields. We have work to do; it’s true. But we need opportunities for thoughtful dialogue, both within our own professional communities and beyond, and we need a professional organization that can facilitate such conversations. I propose that CRLA ramp up its existing efforts in areas related to the four P’s (publications, public relations, professional development, and policy) in order to foster much-needed cross-talk among constituency groups.

Second, CRLA members hold a wide range of professional positions (tutors, instructors, mentors, coaches, researchers, administrators, etc.), but we are united by a common goal of supporting students toward success in postsecondary contexts. For many of us, working toward ensuring opportunities for access and success is a matter of social justice. Thus, as our fields continue to change, we need to be both student-focused and forward-looking by exploring new approaches and models. I propose that CRLA extend its efforts to provide professional development resources that nurture continued scholarship from those in the field who do the work of supporting students on a daily basis.

And, third, in order to ensure continuity and longevity for both of these first two foci, I suggest a continued—and ever more persistent—emphasis on engaging and mentoring future leaders. More specifically, I propose expanding CRLA’s already strong initiatives for engaging students, early-career professionals, learning assistance professionals, and part-time instructors to ensure a diverse, inclusive, and increasing membership.

Candidate for Treasurer


Tina Kondopoulos

Tina serves as the Director of the Peer Tutoring Program at Northeastern University in Boston MA since 2007. She has earned an MA in Sociology and an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from Northeastern University. She has extensive teaching and learning experience working as a Teaching Faculty for the General Studies Program, a freshman experience, at Northeastern for over 10 years. She also has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering academic assistance services, assessment, and persistence & retention of at-risk students at the college level.

As the Director of the Peer Tutoring Program she has partnered with faculty in the academic departments in order to firmly ground peer tutoring as an extension of the classroom experience. She has created a rigorous peer tutor training program in accordance to CRLA certification requirements and has earned ITTPC certification in all three levels for her institution. In addition, she has created a hybrid Blackboard course for each ITTPC level as a pathway for tutors to fulfill certification requirements. She has been a CRLA member since 2001, served as a CRLA Certified ITTPC Reviewer since 2012, and she is currently serving as the CRLA Membership Committee Chair. In addition to her national presence, she has also served as the founding Treasurer of the CRLA Northeast Chapter from 2012-2015. She has presented numerous times at CRLA as part of the LACM SIG. She received the CRLA Robert Griffin Award for Long and Outstanding Service in November 2016. She is also a member of the Steering Committee at the New England Peer Tutor Association (NEPTA) since 2001.

Goal Statement:

Tina’s interest in running as a Treasurer for CRLA stems from her longstanding commitment to serve the Association and aid its mission of serving and supporting the professional aspiration of its members. Capitalizing on her experience as a founding treasurer for the CRLA Northeast Chapter and leveraging her current position as a Membership Committee Chair along with her leadership experience as the Director of the Peer Tutoring Program at Northeastern University for over a decade has led to her decision to run for treasurer in 2019. As the Director of the Peer Tutoring Program at Northeastern, Tina is known for her fiscal responsibility and efficiency. As a CRLA Treasurer, Tina will use accounting principles and practices to bring transparency and accountability to CRLA finances. She will work closely with the Executive Board and the many talented members of the association to enhance the members’ experience by stretching their membership dollars. She will also spearhead initiatives that will safeguard the financial stability and growth of CRLA for many years to come.