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Tutor Training Certification: (ITTPC) International Tutor Training Program Certification


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- New to the certification process. Read the information in the Application Process: Getting Started link. If your program is currently certified and you are new to your position and in charge of tutor training, please complete and email the "Program Info Update Form" so we know who to contact.

- All ITTPC-certified programs have now been given a unique Program ID #. It is in the following format:
Program ID # :  ITTPC-Cntry-STorPR-0000-A1_B1
Sample of a single campus/single program: ITTPC-USA-PA-0755
Sample of a single program on multiple campuses: ITTPC-Canada-BC-0009_A1-4
Sample of a multiple programs on a single campus: ITTPC-USA-CA-0138_A1_B1
Sample of a multiple programs on multiple campuses: ITTPC-USA-CO-0179_A1-2_B1
Your Program ID can be found at the list of ITTPC current certified programs.

- The below listing is of the range of dates of programs being reviewed as of the last update. Note: You may need to reload/refresh to see the latest update. To better clarify, if your Ready-4-Review date is between the dates, it means that that your program is in the process of being reviewed or is one of the next to be reviewed. Reviews are sequenced by the Ready-4-Review dates.

- How do programs update the tutor certificates they use? Each time your program is certified, we send a link to the tutor certificate templates in the email with your program certificate. You can also contact Rick Sheets to receive the link again at

If you need an invoice to have your institution send a check, you may need to have an invoice. You can complete and submit a Invoice Request Form (takes about 2 weeks to return to you) or you can create your own invoice.

To pay by check, please submit a check payable to “College Reading & Learning Association”. PLEASE do not send a printout of your whole application, we will simple recycle it. Send a copy of Section 1 of the application and attach the check and mail both to the following address:
   College Reading & Learning Association - ITTPC
   c/o Rick Sheets,  ITTPC Coordinator
   12422 West Aurora Dr.
   Sun City West, AZ    85375-1924

To pay by credit card, simply contact Rick Sheets at 623-240-0528
(MasterCard or Visa cards only).

Note: PO’S are not accepted.


(updated 2/16/2014)
New Programs (1st Stage)
(Avg. review time = about 10-12 months)
Apr 3, 2013-
June 20, 2013
Reflection & Renewal (2nd Stage)
(Avg. review time = 1-2 months)
DEC 2, 2013-
Feb 1, 2014
Re-certification (3rd Stage)
or Re-join (special case of 1st stage)
(Avg. review time = 5-6 months)
Nov 25, 2013-
Dec 10, 2013

Note: The "Ready for Review" date is emailed to the contact persons within 2-3 weeks of when the appropriate application packet, supporting documentation, and fee are received. To find your program's Ready4Review date, look at ITTPC Application listings at (excel)

Rick Sheets, Ed.D.
ITTPC Coordinator

Welcome to CRLA's International Tutor Training Certification Program website for post-secondary education institutions.


    • I am new in this position. How do I get started? Visit the links at the left. Read over the certification requirements and the certification process. Look for other certified programs in your geographical area and check with them. Look at some of the sample programs provided. Start with the link called Application Process: Getting Started.

    • What do I do about my membership? Memberships are not tied to certification. ITTPC certifies programs but does not require anyone to be a member of CRLA. CRLA membership is encouraged for keeping up to date in learning assistance and developmental education but is not mandatory. Membership offers conference discounts, great support, professional development, and more. Go to

    • Who should I talk to? If you have questions after reading through the information offered on the website, our reviewers ( are happy to answer your questions and can help you as you prepare your application for certification. Remember, you want to make sure it is obvious that your program meets ITTPC program certification requirements.

    • What's this all about? Read below.



Tutor Training Certification Through
International Tutor Training Program Certification

ITTPC certifies tutor training programs in postsecondary educational institutions. Note: ITTPC does not certify tutors. ITTPC authorizes each certified tutor training program to certify that its tutors have met the approved ITTPC tutor training program requirements. Program directors and staff are not required to acquire or maintain CRLA membership to become or maintain a certified program. They do have to maintain the program certification by reapplying BEFORE their program certification expires.

ITTPC has been recognized and endorsed by the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA) and its member organizations:


Important information about certifying tutor training programs:
  • Whose programs are ITTPC certified? When do those certifications expire? The ITTPC webpage can link you to an Excel spreadsheet listing all current ITTPC-certified programs, their status, and date of expiration.

  • The application process page describes the fees and process and defines the terms. There are also links to the application forms.
    Note: The W-9 form (MSWord doc) for vendor information needs is at

  • If you have not looked at the ITTPC Certification Requirements, you will want to open and may want to print that document.

  • Be sure to look at the Application Samples and Application Tips as you get ready to prepare an Application for certification as new, reflection/renewal, or re-certification.

  • I heard ITTPC certifies SI programs, is this true?
    ITTPC certifies tutor training programs only. Supplemental Instruction is an effective program of planned group study sessions. As stated in the SI Leader Training PowerPoint, "SI is not tutoring." A tutoring session is led by the student's needs in that session. SI programs will not meet the ITTPC tutor training program requirements for tutor selection, tutor training, tutoring experience, and tutor evaluation. Only SI programs that incorporate additional training focused on responding to student needs and those that provide unplanned time in group sessions to respond to those student needs in each session can become CRLA-certified tutor training programs through ITTPC. See the FAQs section for more questions.

  • ITTPC Reviewers are available to answer questions and help programs complete the online application process. See the Contact Information to find the email address or phone number of a reviewer to contact with your questions.

  • The CRLA Board approved a fee increase for ITTPC applications (New, Reflection/renewal, and Re-certification) in 2009 and including an additional fee for multiple campus or multiple programs under the same certification in 2012. Those additional campuses or programs under the same certification must follow the same approved training requirements for tutor selection, tutor training, tutoring experince, and tutor evaluation. See the ITTPC application fees and description sheet.
  • The ITTPC program can process business or personal credit cards (Visa or MC) to pay for ITTPC certification fees rather than checks: contact Rick Sheets, ITTPC Coordinator, when ready at 623-240-0572.

  • CRLA's ITTPC program supports the ATP (Association for the Tutoring Profession)
    Code of Ethics -- for all ITTPC-certified programs. Check it out!

  • ITTPC Pins for Level I, II, & III Certified Tutors are available at a very reasonable price. Take a look!

  • See the FAQs section at the left for more questions.



Take time to check out the information in the links at the left.

Below is a sample of our ITTPC program certificate:

Sample Certificate

The program above has reached the third stage of certification. It will
need to re-certify every five years to maintain its program certification.
Membership in CRLA or any professional organization is encouraged, but not required:

Grapgic of stages of certification

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Questions to ITTPC Coordinator, Rick Sheets, Ed.D. at
Last update on: 16-Feb-2014

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