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52nd Annual CRLA Conference

52nd Annual CRLA Conference- Les Bon Temps: Celebrating Success
October 30-November 2, 2019

New Orleans, Lousiana

Our theme this year pays tribute to all of the effort that you put into your daily work life to help your students be more successful. You spend hours, days, months, sometimes years researching viable strategies for use with your students, creating curriculum, writing up funding proposals to implement that curriculum and those strategies, training your colleagues, faculty, tutors, mentors, and coaches to better apply that information, and then determining the best methods for evaluating how well your efforts have paid off. Success does not come easily. You work incredibly hard for each and every positive life story that results from your efforts. We want to hear about the challenges you have faced down and the successes that you celebrate. Join us at our 52nd Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana and let us celebrate you and the great work you do.


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