Responsible for assisting the ITTPC Coordinator with the multi-faceted management of the large ITTPC program. Must be a CRLA member and must maintain membership throughout office term. Term of office is three years, is renewable, would begin as soon as a candidate is approved by the Board. Note: Because terms are intended to run from Conference to Conference, this position's term will run from the date of appointment to three years after the upcoming Conference (ending in Oct/Nov 2021).


The ITTPC Assistant Coordinator is responsible for assisting the ITTPC Coordinator with the multi-faceted management of the large ITTPC program, and for coordinating the selection of the annual Rick Sheets Outstanding Tutor Award (OTA) recipient.

The term of office is three years and may be renewed.

Minimum Qualifications

1. The ITTPC Assistant Coordinator must have been a CRLA member for a minimum of two years and must maintain membership throughout office term.
2. It is preferred that the ITTPC Assistant Coordinator be a current ITTPC program reviewer.

Specific Responsibilities

ITTPC Management:

1. Publicizes the ITTPC program.
2. Responds to requests for information about ITTPC.
3. Works with Certifications Director and ITTPC Coordinator to monitor and update ITTPC information on the CRLA website and on written materials.
4. Assists ITTPC Coordinator with new reviewer training, reviewers’ meetings, monitoring of reviewer progress on program reviews, communication with reviewers, and reviewer recognition.
5. Recruits new ITTPC program reviewers and solicits nominations for new program reviewers from current program reviewers.
6. Serves as a reviewer for ITTPC program applications.
7. Works with other ITTPC reviewers in training and or presentations about the ITTPC process.
8. Performs other duties, as assigned.

Outstanding Tutor Award Management:

9. Chooses three (3) ITTPC Reviewers to serve as “reviewers” of the OTA submissions.
10. Decides on an essay topic and due date for OTA. Prepares advertisement, and forwards updates to the CRLA website to the ITTPC Coordinator, and prepares and forwards the current year’s nominee application forms to the ITTPC Coordinator.
11. Submits OTA ad for publication in the spring issue of The Peer Assistance SIG Newsletter and the January and May issues of the CRLA NewsNotes. Sends information to ITTPC Coordinator who will forward it to the CRLA webmaster to be posted on the CRLA website.
12. Sends an “invitation for OTA submission” letter and an ad to all certified program directors. List of certified programs can be obtained from ITTPC Coordinator.
13. As OTA submissions arrive, sends confirmations of receipt to all nominees.
14. After OTA due date, sends application packets and scoring rubrics to the three reviewers.
15. OTA reviewers select highest-rated nominee as winner. Notifies ITTPC Coordinator for Board approval, and, once approved sends “congratulations” to the winner and “regrets” to all others.
16. Invites the OTA award recipient to attend the conference and describe when the award will be presented. Coordinates welcoming the recipient to the conference if s/he can attend, and coordinate award presentation with ITTPC Coordinator and President-Elect.
17. Submits an article about the OTA recipient, which may include excerpts from the winning essay and recommendation letters, for the September CRLA NewsNotes.
18. Provides ITTPC Coordinator with wording for the recipient’s plaque, and the $250.00 award check.
19. Presents the plaque and check to the recipient or a representative from the recipient’s institution.
20. Provides the ITTPC Coordinator with information regarding the award recipients travel reimbursements (if requested by recipient)

General Responsibilities

1. Submits annual report to the ITTPC Coordinator by July 15.
2. Submits a projected budget to the ITTPC Coordinator.
3. Maintains current membership in CRLA throughout term of office.
4. Works with ITTPC Coordinator and Certifications Director for any suggested changes to job description during term and update this job description at end of term.

Reimbursement for non-board members (updated May 2015)
The CRLA Executive Board establishes a travel funding policy for CRLA leaders who are not members of the Board but may be required to perform some of their responsibilities at the annual CRLA conference. Funding requests will be funded by the Board up to $1200 depending on the total award amount available each year. The Leader Travel Request Form should be submitted in writing to the President of CRLA by June 15 to be considered for that year’s conference. Proposals will be evaluated by the Board on the basis of benefit to the Association and the members of CRLA, the extent to which they demonstrate CRLA’s Mission and Guiding Principles, and on a “funds available” basis. Proposals should include an explanation of the reasons for the request, the purpose of travel, benefits to CRLA, and an itemized list of expenses. For additional information, please see the “Travel Funding Policy for Committee Chairs, Coordinators, and Other Leaders” and Leader Travel Request Form available on the CRLA website at Leadership/Leader Forms/ Committee Chairs and Coordinators.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, work address, and work telephone number

(Approved November 2015; Revised November 2016; February 2018)

To apply for a position, submit a letter of application addressing your willingness and ability to meet the requirements of the position, a vita or brief listing of qualifications, and a letter of institutional support. If institutional support is not required, please state such in the letter of application. Submit your application to the current CRLA President by email.