CRLA Online Membership Application — New Members Only

This membership application is for new members wishing to join CRLA and NOT for renewals. If you wish to renew your membership, please click here.

If you are a current member and wish to change your membership type OR your CRLA membership has expired, please contact

Member Benefits

Membership Types for CRLA

Type Membership Description Fee (USD)
Years requested

This membership type is for individual members. $70/year

This membership type is for graduate and undergraduate students who are not employed in a professional position. $50/year
Years requested

This membership type is for retirees of a postsecondary institution with no institutional support. $50/year

This membership type is for Institutions paying for one member and is transferable to another professional if the original Institutional member leaves the position and/or the institution. $100/year
Group Institute

This membership type is for Institutions that are paying for up to 5 members at a time. All Group Institutional members must be added at the same time and the memberships are NOT transferable. $400/year

Note: Payment in full is required to activate membership.

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