Required Tutoring Experience:

Tutoring Experience & Experience Tracking
Tutors must have experience using training material in an authentic setting. For that purpose, each level of certification requires at least 25 hours of single tutor/single "unit" of concurrent tutoring contact or a minimum of 50 hours of multiple tutor/multiple sequential tutee tutoring (for each level of certification). In both cased the experience requirement counts for actual time spent tutoring (omitting administrative tasks, cancelled appointments, projects, etc.), and can be accrued congruently with training at all levels.

In order to successfully demonstrate the requirement of 25 or 50 hours of direct tutoring with students (or a combination of both), the program must submit one or both of the following documents:

For "homework help" or "lab-style" tutoring (where a tutor may work with a student for few minutes and then move on to the next student), unless you can specifically document tutor/tutee interaction time with each student, please double each of the minimum tutoring experience requirements and document it as follows:

Type of tutoring environment and/or type of tutoring session. →

Single tutor/ single tutee or group of tutees meeting as one concurrent group

Multiple or single tutor(s) in a single location rotating amongst multiple sequential tutees or groups of tutees, not meeting as one single concurrent group.

Combination of both types

When to use this method of tracking. →

Best suited for tutors who work on an individual and/or concurrent small group basis (drop in or by appointment) wherein one tutor works with one student or group of students for a given period of time.

Best suited for situations where a tutor or multiple tutors circulate in an open tutoring environment where help may be offered to many students for short periods of time, during which tracking the names and time spent with each student is impractical.

Best suited for tutors who work a combination of individual and/or small group concurrent appointments and "homework help", "lab" environments.

How much of the tutors work time can be counted towards the required minimum number of hours. →

100% of the time spent on tutoring will count towards the requirement. This cannot include time spent for "no-shows", late appointments, administrative work, etc.

80% of that time can count and excludes no-shows, administrative tasks, etc., which are likely to occur at various times.

A log sheet indicating the combined time. For example if a tutor works 20 hours in individual appointments, s/he must work an additional 10 hours in multi student/multi sequential tutor environment to meet the minimum guidelines.

Required documentation →

The supervisor will submit an actual tutor log sheet that illustrates the time accrued by the individual tutor, noting when s/he reaches the 25 hour minimum.

The supervisor will submit the calculated log sheet that illustrates that s/he calculated the total time for all student attendees, divided that by the number of tutors present for that time period, deducted 20% of the time to account for possible no-shows, late appointments, and credited each tutor with an equal portion of the time.

The supervisor must maintain and submit both the individual appointment logs and the multi-student/multi tutor time calculation as explained in column three.

Level 1 - 50 hours
Level 2 - 100 hours (50 for Level 1 plus an additional 50 for Level 2)
Level 3 - 150 hours (50 for Level 1 plus 50 for Level 2 plus 50 for Level 3)